You've heeded the call to this adventure, faced the threshold guardians, and now you are here. Waiting. Wondering.


So start talking, if that's why can you came.


Oh. You don't know how?

I can tell what I did, how it got my own conversations with God going, but I don't know if it will work for you.


If you have your own way of talking, you can tell your story after you've read mine.

But the main goal of this website is not a big sharing of everyone's talks with God.


The goal:

A goal is such a misleading phenomenon. A goal just sets you up for what your next goal is. So, really, a goal is a series of goals, all along some path, straight or winding as it may be.


The goal of this website is to

1) create the website. It has been created so far, with no plan. Honest!  I sat down and started the first page, and it evolved to this point. I just let the flow happen.

2) Share some of the experiences this soul has had with conversations with God, Don't ask me why the website is named Talking to God. This is about an ongoing two way conversation.

3) Explore where these conversations are going.

4) Answer some questions others submit. When I say answer some questions, I mean, to have them answered by my friend. Submit your question after you've read what's transpired so far.

Sorry about the steps it took you to get here. It was a struggle, deciding to create this site. It seemed reasonable to put some impediments in the path of those wanting to check it out. I used Joseph Campbell's  model of 

The Hero's Journey, with
    -the call to adventure
    -threshold Guardians (insults, questions about your motivation)
    -the mentor (Insane answer)
    -and finally, you crossed the threshold and arrived here.

of course, that just puts you on the next step of the journey, in which you learn about the "other world" and encounter allies and enemies, face obstacles, discover magic, and new powers.

IF you are offended by these terms, too bad. Maybe you don't belong here. This is a place where there are a lot of questions, and the answers-- well they are often questions. No rigid fundamentalism here.

Now, a little about my own story. Click here






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