It doesn't matter.





Don't believe. Do believe. Who cares?




Be a silly fool.  We all are in one way or another

Trust. Let your doubts go for a few moments. Take a risk. You have nothing to lose except those few minutes.. 

What do we know, anyway, in the immense, universal scheme of things?



If you want something new, or more or different, you have to let go of what you are grasping, what you are holding onto so tight, you can't grab the "what's new" that you think you want.


Are you ready to let go of old ideas-- not to throw them away, just to loosen your grasp (They'll stay with you if you really want and need them.)-- so you can touch the gossamer dust of  the softest, down feather fuzz  of  angels' wings, the ephemeral glimpses of a slim maybe.

Does this sequence of pages annoy you? You can stop, of course, any time.







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