It's been months since I had a real conversation, like I did before, with "you." (Actually, as I typed that first line, another screen-- a Datek stock streamer-- popped up, and my typing didn't show up in the word processor. I take this as a pretty amazing message-- an answer-- to the question forming in my mind. Why don't I connct with God more? Why do I ignore this wonderful gift of God's presence which is always there?

Yes, I fill my days with activities, with distractions. But the orthodox jews build time in, each day, each week, special holidays. The catholics go to church on SUndays, or every day. They say the rosary. Why don't I, since I have this pretty amazing connection, take advantage of it? Or should I say, make the most of it?

Yeah! Why don't you?

I'm here.

I don't want to be pushy. It wouldn't work for you.

I'm here when you need me. And... your awareness of my presence has been making a difference in your life-- not every moment, but occasionally. And that's okay. God is not the thought police.

But I'd like to be more connected. I know it would be good for me if I could spend more of my time, even if it was just a few minutes a day, connected.

Okay. Think about how it would be good for you. Maybe you can come up with your own reasons why, so you'll be motivated to remember.

First off, being connected is being one, rather than being dualistic, ie., being connected and aware as part of the whole. I say being connected, which is similar to remembering the connection, which is similar to being in the moment with my awareness of God and my relationship with, my being a part of god.

You are God. All is God.

And this voice in my head? Of God?

Questions, analysis... these don't always give you the answers you need. They can be symptoms of your duality-- your being disconnected. Some might call it faith. Detractors might dismiss it as weakmindedness. But some of the mechanisms of the mind and body can be deceptive, can lure you along paths that take you in endless data mazes. You get information-- so much, you are blinded, like in a whiteout in a snow storm. All you see is data, yet it tells you nothing meaningful. 

And the voice-- it is yours and it is God's. Only you can hear that voice and it wouldn't be created without you. But it is not all you. Then again, anything you do is not all  you.

Yet, there are those individualists who would say that all we do is our own responsibility.

And this is also true. Truth can be confusing, even conflicting. It does not have to be simple or easy. It is like beauty, in that way.

Second, there's a kind of confidence that comes with feeling connected with God.

Wholeness, from being aware of all your parts.

Imagine not feeling your arms or legs, and then feeling them. (like when you put pressure on an arm or leg and it goes numb.) You'd feel better, stronger when you feel them.

This is real, based on the boundless power you have access to. An exploding universe of energy is waiting for you.. not to make a profit from, but to plug into, to be a part of to joyfully, exultantly, ecstatically become aware and conscious of.

It makes death seem meaningless, suffering mundane and miniscule. Your regular waking consciousness is just a sliver of a thumbnail of what you could be experiencing. But the vastness is not of space or power, so it quakes, it shimmers and seems ghostlike, or unimportant to those grasping to things, to wealth, influence, sensations.