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I’ve been working on a novel about a man who is given a special statue, the "passage angel," which enables him to get into heaven without first having to die.

I have a good part of the story plotted out, with much of the time up until he gets to heaven covered.

So, I was working, in my head, on scenes which take place in heaven.

This part is somewhat inspired by Dante’s Paradisio. In Paradisio, Beatrice guides Dante through the different levels of heaven (after visiting Inferno (hell) and purgatory.

At each level, she introduces him to souls staying at that level, and explains what the level is reserved for.

In my novel, I see each level run by a manifestation of God, a manifestation which/who meets the needs and expectations of the souls residing in that part of heaven.

So, I envisioned an Obi Wan Kenobe type, a Woody Allen type, a Michael Keaton Beetlejuice type... you get the idea. Definitely some humor mixed in with wisdom.

So I was working on dialogues with these "characters." My main character-- the hero of the story, was having dialogues with these manifestations of God.

At some point, while I was driving in my car one day, running these scenarios through my mind, I realized that when my main character was asking questions, I was not thinking up the answers. But they were coming!!

I let this keep on going, and then, the dialogue I’ve typed up began. It seems that when I’m alone in my car this tends to happen most-- probably because of the absence of kids, TV, phone, internet, etc.

First questions/ conversations with God

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